Posted by Françoise Dollinger

Hello dear SKEET shooters,

First of all, let me wish you all a "super great SKEET season 2016" with high scores ...with many 25/25 !?

Now that you've already done it last year would be great if you could the same for next season...

Would it be possible for you to please pay in advance directly on Bank Account BE 88 2710 4710 4141 before :

April 15th for the Challenge SK 92 N° 1 in Chérimont May 1st = 50 €uros

June 1st for the Challenge SK 92 N° 2 in Bouvignes June 12th = 50 €uros

July 12th for the Challenge SK 92 N° 3 + Belgian Championship SK 92 in Chérimont July 21st = 60 €uros

August 1st for the Challenge SK 92 N° in Bouvignes August 14th = 50 €uros

August 1st for the Coupe de Belgique SKEET OLYMPIQUE / Belgian Cup OLYMPIC SKEET in Bouvignes August 15th = 65 €uros

Françoise Dollinger
Dir Skeet C.R.C. & Sport Féminin.